Occupations Requiring a License in North Carolina

LEAD (Labor & Economic Analysis Division) compiles Occupations Requiring a License in North Carolina as a primary source for students, jobseekers, career counselors, and others who need this information. The occupations are gathered from various sources, including professional associations, licensing boards, and general statutes from the North Carolina General Assembly. This tool provides a brief description of each license, contact information for its licensing authority, and information about related occupations. Since all licenses have requirements and fees, check the licensing authority’s website to monitor information that may be modified or deleted when changes occur in state laws.

An occupational license gives a person permission to work in a particular occupation after having met a minimum level of competency intended to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Certification is an official endorsement of qualifications by a regulatory agency or professional organization. Both of these forms of credentials require individuals to meet certain education, experience, and/or competency standards. Registration most often refers to occupations for which people submit their name, address, and qualifications to the applicable regulatory body. Registration provides the standard for inclusion on a list of those approved to act in a particular capacity; however, complaints from consumers or improperly stating credentials may result in removal from the approved list.

Occupations Requiring a License in North Carolina addresses only the occupational licenses, certifications, and registrations required for individuals in particular fields. It does not include licenses that specific types of businesses or establishments must have. For information concerning business licenses required in North Carolina, contact the Business Link North Carolina office at 1-800-228-8443.

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