• Middle School Special Education Teachers
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  • Middle school special education teachers teach middle school subjects to students who have developmental or physical disabilities.

    What do they typically do

    • Set up and enforce rules for behavior and procedures to keep order in the classroom
    • Prepare materials and classrooms for class activities
    • Modify general education curriculum for special-needs students using a variety of instructional techniques and technology
    • Teach socially acceptable behavior using techniques like behavior modification and positive reinforcement
    • Teach classes in one or more subjects, such as English, mathematics, or social studies, using lectures, discussions, and demonstrations
    • Develop and carry out strategies to meet the needs of students who have a variety of disabilities
    • Establish clear goals for all classwork and other projects and make sure students understand the goals
    • Apply special educational strategies and techniques to improve development of sensory- and perceptual-motor skills, language, cognition, and memory

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