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Career Tools

  • Reality Check

    Reality Check

    Make budget choices and get a summary of state or county costs in 12 major expense categories. Link to occupations that provide salaries that match life choices.

  • Star Jobs

    Star Jobs

    Discover details about NC occupations based on up-to-date labor market information. Link to other sources of career and educational information.

  • Occupational Profiles

    Occupational Profiles

    Explore a clearly written two-page summary for each of 550 occupations. Link to other sources of career and educational information.

  • Occupations Requiring A License

    Occupations Requiring A License

    Find licenses required for working in specific North Carolina careers. Includes licensing organization web links and contact information.

  • Employment Projections

    Employment Projections

    Explore long-term estimates of projected trends in occupational and industry employment.

  • Staffing Patterns

    Staffing Patterns

    Identify which industries employ the most people in a specific occupation, and locate occupations most likely to be needed in a particular industry.

  • North Carolina Career Clusters Guide

    Career Clusters Guide

    Make good occupational decisions by connecting education and career goals through career clusters, career pathways, and other information. Link to other sources of career and educational information.

  • NC Tower

    NC Tower

    Discover educational, employment, and wage data for North Carolina's community college and public university students.

  • Interest Profiler

    Interest Profiler

    Take our O-NET Interest Profiler assessment to help identify the types of work activities that most interest you. From there, you can browse occupations that match your work interests.



Reality Check Star Jobs Occupational Profiles Occupations Requiring A License Employment Projections Staffing Patterns North Carolina Career Clusters Guide NC Tower Interest Profiler
Self-Assessment Yes Yes Yes
Career Clusters Yes Yes
Education/Training Yes Yes Yes Yes
Industry Projections Yes
Related Occupations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Job-Related Industries Yes Yes Yes
Licensure Information Yes Yes
Occupation Description Yes Yes Yes
Occupational Interests Yes Yes Yes
Occupational Projections Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wages Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Work-Based Learning Yes
Job Search Links Yes Yes Yes