• Government Program Eligibility Interviewers
  • Government and Public Administration
  • Government program eligibility interviewers decide whether people who apply to receive government assistance like welfare, unemployment benefits, and social security are eligible for that assistance.

    What do they typically do

    • Answer applicants' questions about benefits and claim procedures
    • Interview benefits recipients at specific intervals to certify their eligibility for continuing benefits
    • Interpret and explain information such as eligibility requirements, application details, payment methods, and applicants' legal rights
    • Start procedures to grant, modify, deny, or terminate assistance, or refer applicants to other agencies for assistance
    • Compile, record, and evaluate personal and financial data to check for completeness and accuracy and to determine eligibility status
    • Interview and investigate applicants for public assistance to gather information that is pertinent to their applications
    • Check with employers or other references to verify answers and obtain further information
    • Keep records of assigned cases, and prepare required reports

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