• Aerospace Engineers
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Annual Median Wage
    $ 99,590
    $65,380 range bar $136,560
    Annual NC Wage Range
    Growth Rate
    Image of growth rate score 3
    Moderately Growing
  • Aerospace engineers perform engineering duties involved in designing, building, and testing aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft. They may conduct basic and applied research to evaluate adaptability of materials and equipment to aircraft design and manufacture.

What do they typically do

  • Analyze project requests, proposals, or engineering data to determine feasibility, cost, or production time of aerospace or aeronautical products
  • Direct or coordinate activities of engineering or technical personnel involved in designing, fabricating, modifying, or testing aircraft or aerospace products
  • Write technical reports or other documentation, such as handbooks or bulletins, for use by engineering staff, management, or customers
  • Plan or conduct experimental, environmental, operational, or stress tests on models or prototypes of aircraft or aerospace systems or equipment
  • Maintain records of performance reports for future reference
  • Plan or coordinate activities to investigate and resolve customers' reports of technical problems with aircraft or aerospace vehicles
  • Evaluate product data and design from inspections and reports for conformity to engineering principles, customer requirements, and quality standards
  • Design aeronautical or aerospace products or systems to meet customer requirements

Number of Jobs

Average Annual
Job Growth +0.6%
Job Opening 44

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