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  • Athletic trainers evaluate and advise individuals to help them recover from or avoid athletic-related injuries or illnesses, or maintain peak physical fitness. They may provide first aid or emergency care and typically do the following:

What do they typically do

  • Perform general administrative tasks such as keeping records or writing reports
  • Evaluate athletes' readiness to play and provide participation clearances when necessary and warranted
  • Collaborate with physicians to develop and implement comprehensive rehabilitation programs for athletic injuries
  • Assess and report the progress of recovering athletes to coaches or physicians
  • Plan or carry out comprehensive athletic injury or illness prevention programs
  • Conduct an initial assessment of athletes' injuries or illnesses to provide emergency or continued care and to determine whether they should be referred to physicians
  • Apply protective or injury preventive devices like tape, bandages, or braces to body parts such as ankles, fingers, or wrists
  • Care for athletic injuries using physical therapy equipment, techniques, or medication

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Athletic Instructor, Athletic Lecturer, Athletic Trainer, Certified Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer, Resident Athletic Trainer, Women's Athletic Trainer
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