• Metal and Plastic Forging Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders
  • Manufacturing
  • Annual Median Wage
    $ 35,670
    $24,730 range bar $64,580
    Annual NC Wage Range
    Growth Rate
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    Very Slow Growing
  • Metal and plastic forging machine setters, operators, and tenders set up, operate, or tend forging machines to taper, shape, or form metal or plastic parts.

What do they typically do

  • Turn handles or knobs to set pressures and depths of ram strokes and to synchronize machine operations
  • Measure and inspect machined parts to make sure they conform to product specifications
  • Position and move metal wires or workpieces through a series of dies that compress and shape stock to form die impressions
  • Remove dies from machines when production runs are finished
  • Repair, maintain, and replace parts on dies
  • Start machines to produce sample workpieces, and observe operations to detect machine malfunctions and check that machine setups meet specifications
  • Confer with other workers about machine setups and operational specifications
  • Read work orders or blueprints to determine specific tolerances and sequences of operations for machine setup

Number of Jobs

Average Annual
Job Growth -1.7%
Job Opening 41

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Blacksmith, Cold Header Operator, Forge Operator, Forge Press Operator, Forger, Header Set-Up Operator, Machine Operator, Process Technician, Set Up Technician
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