Why should I see my Career Development Coordinator (CDC)?

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Your Career Development Coordinator (CDC) is the contact for Career and Technical Education programs and course information; they coordinate career development services for students participating in CTE courses and promote CTE and career development for all students. 

Your CDC is the contact for work-based learning, Internships, Job Shadowing, Career Events, Guest Speakers, Career and Interest Assessments, Networking, Essential Employability Skills, Pre-Apprenticeships, Resumes, Mentors, Service Learning, Scholarships, Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs), the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS), and offsite Business and Industry and community college and university tours


They connect the dots for your future - your CDC “IS” the person in the Career and Technical Education department that you want to know in Middle and High School to help you explore your future career interest and connect you with career professionals.



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