Is it too early to think about careers?

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Thinking about your future in middle and high school can be overwhelming and is often something put off for another time. The earlier you start considering careers, the more prepared you’ll be to start making choices, decisions, and earning money! Learning answers to the following questions will help you stay on the right path for your goals and the future career you want.



Does this seem hard to do on your own? Not to worry! You are not alone; help is available to guide you through the career development and career planning process. 

Your Career Development Coordinator (CDC) within the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department and School Counselor within Student Services are available at your school to help you and steer you to the right path based on your unique answers to these questions, some assessments, and more!


Career Development Coordinators (CDCs) and School Counselors have some similar functions; but working together as a team allows them to best serve all students. Want to meet with them? If you are not sure where they are located, go to someone in your school’s front office and ask to see your Career Development Coordinator and/or School Counselor today to make an appointment – they can help you set a plan for the future you want!


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