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With an increasing demand for employees in frontline careers essential to North Carolina’s future, take advantage of a wide variety of affordable training to earn certifications and credentials that can help you advance in a career and open up greater opportunities in your field, faster.

Industry-Valued Credentials can be earned quickly, and sometimes alongside other education programs.

Kick-start or up-skill your career with industry-valued credentials and practical, hands-on programs that will give you the skills you need to be ready in weeks, not years. Earn credentials for high-demand industries through in-person and online training programs available through our state’s career & technical education programs in high schools and our 58 Community Colleges.







Earning a non-degree credential typically boosts yearly income by at least $3k and sometimes much more1 More than 2/3 of workers with non-degree credentials report very high job satisfaction2 Jobs in NC requiring a post-secondary non-degree credential are projected to grow twice as fast as those that only require a HS diploma


[1]Source: Association of Community College Trustees, The Value of Community College Short-Term Credentials

[2]Source: Strada Center for Education Consumer Insights


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