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We need your help to refine the list of NC Workforce Credentials

The NC Workforce Credentials Advisory Council is a partnership between education, workforce development, and employers to provide a source of high-quality, real-time information on business needs and the non-degree credentials they value. Learn how to submit a credential for consideration.

What type of credentials should be submitted for consideration to be added to the NC Workforce Credential List?

📍 It’s a non-degree credential (e.g., certificates, industry-recognized certifications, licenses) that is below the Associate’s level.

📍 The credential is associated with in-demand occupations, either statewide or regionally. 

📍 Employers value the credential, meaning they give a hiring preference to anyone who holds the credential.


When can I submit a credential for consideration?
The application portal will open March 15, 2022, and close July 15, 2022.  All applications will be reviewed by August 31, 2022, and if approved, will be referred to the NC Workforce Credentials Advisory Council for its consideration during Fall 2022. 


Where can I find the application materials and where will I submit?
The 2022 NC Workforce Credentials application cycle closed July 15, 2022.


Who is eligible to submit a credential for consideration?
The only eligible entities that may submit a non-degree credential for consideration are North Carolina Community Colleges, NC Workforce Development Boards, and CTE Directors at a NC Local Education Authority (I.e., a school district). 

If you are not one of these entities but have a credential you would like considered, we encourage you to contact an entity that is eligible to submit to discuss with them the credential you believe may be a good addition to the NC Workforce Credentials List.


Who is reviewing the applications?
The application will be reviewed by a team of representatives from the NC Department of Commerce’s Labor & Economic Analysis Division, the NC Department of Commerce’s Division of Workforce Solutions, the NC Community College System, and the Department of Public Instruction. 


Can I submit a credential that is still in the process of being created?
No. For a credential to be considered for the NC Workforce Credentials List it must be current and accessible for people to pursue.  


What’s the role of employers in the credential submission application? 
The application will ask for evidence that employers have been engaged in the process, including:

📍 Letters from either three employers or a combination of one employer and one trade association will need to be submitted as part of the application. 

📍 Sample job titles and wage information for those who have the credential

📍 Indication of the extent to which the credential is used as a hiring preference


Once my credential is approved, will I have to submit it every year to keep it on the credential list?
No. Credentials will be automatically reviewed biannually according to their industry sector. For example, the manufacturing sector was reviewed in 2021; therefore, all the manufacturing related credentials will be automatically reviewed in the 2023 cycle.


If my credential is denied, is there an appeals process?
No. If a credential is denied, the denial letter will include the reasons. Credentials may be resubmitted for consideration in future application cycles.


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