• Detectives and Criminal Investigators
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
  • Annual Median Wage
    $ 53,590
    $41,450 range bar $123,210
    Annual NC Wage Range
    Growth Rate
    Image of growth rate score 3
    Moderately Growing
  • Detectives and criminal investigators, who are sometimes called agents or special agents, gather facts and collect evidence of possible crimes.

What do they typically do

  • Write and review reports that detail investigation findings, and maintain records of evidence
  • Conduct investigations to prevent crimes or solve criminal cases
  • Follow proper procedures to prepare charges or responses to charges, or information for court cases
  • Secure deceased body and obtain evidence from it, preventing bystanders from tampering with it
  • Obtain and use search and arrest warrants
  • Examine crime scenes to get clues and evidence such as loose hairs, fibers, clothing, fingerprints, or weapons
  • Provide testimony as a witness in court
  • Obtain and check evidence by interviewing and observing suspects and witnesses or by analyzing records

Number of Jobs

Average Annual
Job Growth +0.6%
Job Opening 208

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Crime Analyst, Criminal Investigator, Detective, Forensic Specialist, Intelligence Analyst, Investigator, Narcotics Detective, Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst, Special Agent
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