• Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Business, Management and Administration
  • Annual Median Wage
    $ 139,000
    $88,710 range bar $256,755
    Annual NC Wage Range
    Growth Rate
    Image of growth rate score 5
    Very Fast Growing
  • Computer and information systems managers plan, coordinate, and direct computer-related activities in an organization. They help determine the organization's IT (information technology) goals and implement computer systems to meet those goals.

What do they typically do

  • Learn about new technology and look for ways to upgrade their organization's computer systems
  • Analyze their organization's computer needs and recommend possible upgrades to top executives
  • Negotiate with vendors to get the highest level of service for their organization's technology
  • Assess the costs and benefits of a new project and justify spending on the project to top executives
  • Plan and direct the work of other IT professionals
  • Ensure the security of an organization's network and electronic documents
  • Determine short- and long-term personnel needs for their department
  • Plan and direct installing and upgrading computer hardware and software

Number of Jobs

Average Annual
Job Growth +1.5%
Job Opening 1,302

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Education & Training

  • Education

    Most require a four-year bachelor's degree, but some do not.
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    Dozens of degree programs can lead to this occupation
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