• Computer Systems Analysts
  • Information Technology
  • Annual Median Wage
    $ 99,280
    $54,730 range bar $148,000
    Annual NC Wage Range
    Growth Rate
    Image of growth rate score 5
    Very Fast Growing
  • Computer Systems Analysts, sometimes called systems architects, study an organization's current computer systems and procedures and design improvements to them. In doing so, these analysts help the organization operate more efficiently.

What do they typically do

  • Consult with managers to determine the role of information technology (IT) systems in an organization
  • Research different technologies to decide if they would increase the organization's efficiency
  • Analyze costs and benefits of IT systems and upgrades to help managers decide which, if any, to install
  • Devise ways to add functionality to existing computer systems
  • Design new systems by configuring hardware and software
  • Oversee the installation and configuration of new systems and customize them for the organization
  • Test systems to ensure that they work as expected
  • Write instruction manuals and train the systems' end users

Number of Jobs

Average Annual
Job Growth +1.5%
Job Openings 2,301

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